CHenry Forced Induction/Nitrous Custom Tune: $595 (5 hours)
February 18, 2016
  • Existing Clients who have our current $450 tuning package we thank you for supporting us over the years! Your free retunes for minor modifications and changes benefit will be grandfathered in. Major retunes will remain the same $150 per visit fee.
  • If at any point an existing client makes additional modifications to their vehicle and wishes to upgrade from their current tune level to a higher one, they will be responsible for paying the difference between their current tune level and the tune level they wish to upgrade to.
  • Retunes under the new pricing schedule will cost $100 per visit and will last between 1 and 1.5 hours. If further time is required an hourly rate of $75 will be billed.
  • Follow up visits are sometimes necessary when a car cannot be properly calibrated due to a mechanical inadequacy. Often times these may be noticed half way through the tune or even near the end. If this occurs the client will be billed for the tune or retune during the current visit and then assessed a follow up fee of $75 when they return to complete the tuning.