About Us

Not your typical performance shop

In addition to tuning and performance, I specialize in all areas of automotive repair, including drivability and transmission repair.

I use my passion and unique skill set within the performance automotive community to ensure fast and reliable daily driven performance cars. After all, who wants to be putting their car on a trailer when they could be driving it?


Performance cars were always a passion of mine and something I spent the majority of my free time doing.

I began my career as an automotive technician with GM and Chrysler over 15 years ago. As a dealership service technician I was educated on the proper way to diagnose and repair automotive systems through on-going annual trainings and monthly technician evaluations..

My "earlier builds" were all carbureted GM vehicles. Over the years I have put together some intriguing “out of the box combinations” such as an LS2, T56 1986 Buick Regal, an LQ9 powered 1998 S10 pickup, several LS powered fox body Mustangs, as well as several V8 powered off-road Jeeps.

There isn’t an American made car I have been able to say no to yet! It wasn’t until I purchased my 2009 Pontiac G8 that my part time passion became a full time career.

I began modifying my G8 immediately and it has gone through several different stages over the years. To this day it is still my daily driver making over 700rwhp and close to eclipsing a 9 second quarter mile pass. When I began modifying my car others began to ask if I could do theirs. I was glad to help, and over time I was able to build a strong following of satisfied clients. Shortly thereafter, CHenry Motorsports was born!

Daily drivers apply here

It is worth noting that we are very different than your typical performance shop.

We are a very small shop, which allows me to focus on a small number of vehicles at a time and give each of them the individual attention they deserve. From complete engine swaps and supercharger installs to exhaust and suspension upgrades, every car is important and no job is too big or too small! I take pride in supplying my clients with fast, reliable, daily driven racecars!.

Since starting CHenry Motorsports several years ago, we have built relationships with many wonderful clients as well as several local restoration and repair business. We are proud to have upgraded and tuned fast GM, Chrysler, and Ford vehicles from across the country, and even across the globe!